Saturday, 1 January 2011


1. Be a better blogger! So I've had a little redesign, I have a new camera, now it's time to get posting!

2. Be more creative. Enter Hand and Lock competition this year (details to follow!)

3. Read more! Attempt to read some classics. Maybe buy the paper once in a while!

4. Be tidy. Moving into my new flat on the 4th January, must. keep. tidy.

5. Look after my skin

6. Get a super hot bod. Or at least try.

7. Keep in touch with friends. Too many of my favourite live in other parts of the country, and some very dear friends on the other side of the world. The internet makes it so easy to keep in touch, must make the most of it.

8. Travel. I bought my friend a fab scratch map for Christmas (get yours here) and my mum liked it so much she bought me one too. Not only do I want to see the world.... I want to scratch some new places off my map!

Happy New Year everyone!


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